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We hope that one day our voyage will be funded by our tribe so we can share massive adventures and long distance cruises with you!  Join up via Patreon – even at $2 a video.  Every penny counts and we are grateful for each and every pitch into the tip jar.  Thank you, Star Stuff.  With your support, we will soon hoist the sails and begin our shake down cruise to Key West.  When we hit our second Patreon goal, we will be on to Cuba!

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Thank you so much, Star Stuff! Our first goal gets us out of the slip on our shakedown cruise to Key West. Our second goal gets us on our way to Cuba!


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If you like what we do, and want to see more, send us a few bucks via PayPal. You are not only feeding our dream, but keeping the mast up!  We will meditate on your long and prosperous life.


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